Logistics has been playing a very important role in the process of industrialization. Without the support of logistics and supply chain management, Chinese enterprises can't keep their lasting competitive-ness when walking towards the world market and world trans-national corporations. The concept of "logistics" has been upgraded to the theory of "logistics and supply chain", because all of us have realized this industry is not longer the accessorial one, it can become "the third profit source" in the supply chain. In China's market, where the competitions among enterprises become fiercer day by day and global economy integration exists, raising efficiency and reducing cost in logistics field to enhance the overall competitiveness have been the common ground of most enterprises.
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   ePAYMENTTM Platform--Sh-anghai Grand Custom ....
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   eCHAINTM--The Accurate Lo-gistics Supply Chain ....
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   eSTORETM--Advanced Ware-house Management System ....
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   eTRANSTM--Comprehensive tr-ansportation solution ....
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   TOPS --world's leading Con-tainer handling systems ....
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   eTERMTM--Online system sec-ure your container yard ....
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